Renewable Energy


With 5G infrastructure on the horizon, telecom operators are faced with new challenges in their critical infrastructure. Not only do they require solutions to support next-generation technologies and ultra-fast broadband connection, they alsoneed a cost-efficient approach to enabling 5G infrastructure.Renewable energy is fast becoming a viable option, especiallyin remote locations where stable utility power remains a challenge.

Hybird Solutions Applications

Solar power as a main source during daytime, while batteries and genset as supplementary sources when grid is unavailable.

Solar as the primary energy source with long standby batteries and optional standby genset

Mixture of Solar and Wind power

  • Suitable for rich solar and wind resources area
  • 100% Energy savingEnvironment friendly and no CO2 discharge
  • Increase network coverage especially at remote area
  • Easy to install
  • less maintenance
  • lower operating cost
  • Improve power supply reliability and optimal safety
  • Suitable for low power consumption applications(less than 1KW)