Network Operation Center


As your network expands, the demand to get your system under a Network Operating Center grows. With all the user-friendly convenience and power of a computerized system, monitoring systems improve your network’s reliability and availability, reducing operating and maintenance costs.FibrePlan provides a unified management environment for remote sites to monitor the elements that could hinder the delivery of services.
Via remote connection, the supervisory system gathers a continuous stream of vital health parameters and equipment alarms at the site, while our Customer Support Center professionals are also on hand 24 hours a day to provide multilingual assistance in real-time
Functioning as a master system that collects and stores power-energy data,FibrePlan can provide you with the KPIs suited best for your business and assist you in improving the performance and lower the cost of your.


Minimize downtime
Solve problems faster with advanced alarm identification

Diagnose problems remotely
Reduce on-site travel with advanced alarm identification
Perform remote battery tests

Plant re-engineering- know the necessary resources (how much, where and when) ahead of time
Optimize spare parts inventory